16 Funniest Expressions Brazilians Use

by Marcela Faé Aug 26, 2015

1. Drown the goose (Afogar o ganso) | Get laid. Get it on. Have some sex.

If you’re drowning the goose, you’re having a good time.

2. Giving soft (Dando mole) | Someone’s hitting on you. 

In Brazil, we don’t hit, we give the soft.

3. Suck this mango. (Chupa essa manga) | Our version of “In your face!” 

“HA! I’ve got an A+ in math! Chupa essa manga, summer school! I will not be attending you!”

4. To pay the duck (Pagar o pato) | Injustice is being served. 

We use “pagar o pato” when somebody is paying for something she shouldn’t be — like when one person gets stuck with the final bar tab. That’s ‘paying the duck.’

5. Saint of the hollow wood (Santo do pau oco) | This person is only pretending to be good. 

This is for the people who behave like someone they’re not. From girls pretending to be “good Christians” all the way to guys swearing they’re “trustworthy.”

The expression comes from the hollow saints who used to smuggle drugs or other illegal things back in the day.

6. The potato is baking. (A batata ta assando.) | A disaster’s on the way. 

Brazilians use this expression when we know something bad is going to happen and we’re trying to warn everybody involved.

7. To cry the pitangas (Chorando as pitangas) | You’re whining. 

When you’re crying about something to someone, you’re crying your pitangas. Totally unrelatedPitangas are a very tasty Brazilian fruit. If you have the opportunity, try one!

8. Mother Joan’s house (Casa da mãe Joana) | This is a Brazilian mother’s idea of a place with no rules.

It’s every Brazilian mother’s nightmare, used when we’re referring to a place where you could do everything and anything that involves bad manners.

“Get your dirty shoes out of my sofa now! where do you think you are? Casa da mãe Joana?”

9. Last cookie of the package> (A ultima bolacha do pacote) | You’re so special.  

We think you’re just great.

10. Block the sun with the sieve. (Tapar o sol com a peneira.) | That’s just a quick fix and it’s not going to work. 

We use this one when you’re trying to fix a huge problem with a bandaid, you know? At least you tried to do something about it.

11. Bring down the painful one. (Descer a dolorida) | Bring me the bill.

So I can pay the duck.

12. I’m with all the rope today. (Estou com a corda) | I’m pumped and I’ll do anything right now.

This one is my favorite, it means you’re full of energy.

13. Where Judas lost his boots (Onde judas perdeu as botas) | That place that’s really REALLY far away.

You can’t go farther than where Judas lost his boots.

14. Upside down shovel (Pá Virada) | Someone’s really angry. 

Yup, they’ve got the shovel upside down.

15. Crocodile tears (Lágrimas de crocodilo) | This is just fake drama.  

If you’re participating in unnecessary drama — you’re just crying and nobody’s believing you anymore — it’s probably because everyone’s aware of your crocodile tears. (They’re worth nothing.)

16. Jerico’s idea (Ideia de Jerico) | That’s a really bad idea. 

It’s quite possibly the worst idea you could have.

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