17 Signs You Were Born and Raised in Delaware

by Kita Roberts Sep 16, 2015

1. You violently wish more than one radio station consistently came in while driving through the state.

2. You were actually excited when we finally got a zip-line course at Lums. It’s the most altitude you’ve ever experienced in this state.

Tree climbing squad. #goape #lumspond #zipline #obstacle

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3. You are reminded that sales tax is a thing when you travel.

4. You know all 19 ways to get from one place to another without hitting a major highway.

5. And you avoid Main Street for three weeks when UD is back in session.

6. And basically all of Newark at rush hour.

7. You know just how awesome Woodside Creamery is.

8. You know every ride at Funland and still kind of want to get on them.

9. You have run the Dogfish Dash and finished it off with an ice-cold Namaste.

Just one selfie at the #dogfishdash doesn’t hurt anyone 😊 so amazing!!! #delaware #dogfishbeer #dogfishdash #running #5k #craftbeer #beer #brewery #beerselfie @beerselfie

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10. Lower slower is a thing, and you avoid it.

11. And you can expertly avoid the tolls on the way to the beach.

12. You love your Bobbie — and know that it’s just not the same anywhere else.

13. You will try any new restaurant within a month after it opens because…it’s Delaware and you have nothing better to do.

14. You totally walked around the mall in high school just to kill time.

15. Thrashers for the boardwalk or bust!

16. You know every employee at your local Wawa, and are sad when they run out of Double Dutch Chocolate Milk.

had to go back, dammit max #wawa #doubledutchchocolatemilk #sofuckingood

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17. You have seen the rodeo monkey at the Blue Rocks game and doubled down on their Rocks’ Doughnut Dog.

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