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17 Signs You Were Born and Raised in Massachusetts

by Tyler Protano-Goodwin Aug 28, 2015

1. When you talk about the Cape you point to the place you are referring to on your arm.

We have all spent summers testing our abilities to weather the cold with plunges in Chatham’s seal infested waters and the personality filled banks of P-town.

2. You delight in the simple pleasures of a whoopie pie.

You even know how to make a whoopie pie and then how to demolish four of those bad boys in one sitting.

3. Bean boots are your everything.

You’ve even worn them out to the clubs.

4. When you were a kid you ate hoodsie cups like it was your job.

Those delicious chocolate and vanilla cups of ice cream simplicity were the staple treat in your Grandmother’s refrigerator.

5. A good weekend as a kid consisted of milking goats at Old Sturbridge village and playing Jacob’s ladder.

In fact you wanted to be one of the actors who got to wear a bonnet every weekend and churn a bit of butter for fun.

6. You don’t care that it’s no longer the 90’s, you still say ‘Wicked” all the time.

Enough said, life is wicked. There is no better way to put it.

7. You have partied at UMASS.

You have regretted partying at UMASS. You have wished you were invited to a party at UMASS.

8. Any good road trip starts with a stop at Dunkin Donuts.

Sure, there is Krispy Kreme, but only Dunkie’s (as any local will call it) does buttery croissant sandwiches, hash browns, and a bangin’ cup of joe. Plus who can forget munchkins? The ultimate donut experience.

9. No matter how much baseball you actually watch, you always know how well the Red Sox are doing.

Chances are regardless of your actual knowledge of the sport you have seen a game or two at Fenway, because just the atmosphere is enough of a draw.

10. You tell people you are from Boston, because no one knows where Amherst or Whatley are.

She may be a small city, but she is mighty, and with that accent there’s no denying it.

11. You live for the outdoors.

When you were a kid it was common to pitch a tent in the back yard and spend the night outside under the stars. In fact, in general your backyard was a magical land of endless exploration.

12. When you were a kid you had a ritualistic snow day dance.

Mine included a spoon under my pillow, three twirls with my pants on backwards, and a little diddy that had to be sung.

13. You’ve actually called in and reported the location of gnarly potholes.

That’s right. In Mass we watch out for our fellow drivers even when winter does not.

14. You take the T and eat Subway.

The public transit system is knowingly referred to as the T, and a sandwich artist obviously works at Subway.

15. You can spell Massachusetts.

Despite all its double letters.

16. Sometimes you forget your R’s.

17. You drink coffee.

Lots of coffee. Coffee with clam chowder. There’s nothing that coffee doesn’t go with.

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