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18 of the Funniest Expressions Around the World for Sex

by Matador Creators Feb 14, 2017

1. The French don’t say that “a woman is busty”…they say that “there’s a crowd on the balcony” (Il y a du monde au balcon).

2. The Spanish don’t “have sex”…they “wet the churro” (Mojar el churro).

3. Chilean men don’t masturbate…they “pull their guts” (Jalar la tripa).

4. For a Portuguese, you are not “sexy”…you are “as good as corn.” (Boa como o milho).

5. Lithuanians don’t have “a dirty mind”…they have very, very “curly thoughts” (Garbanotos mintys).

6. Morning sex is off the cards in Slovenia…“roosters breakfast” is preferred (Petelinji zajtrk).

7. In Quebec men don’t pleasure themselves…they “take the fat off the salami” (Dégraisser le salami).

8. A Dutch person won’t invite you for a night of romance…they’ll invite you “to eat rusk” (Een beschuitje met iemand eten).

9. A Brazilian man does not “have sex”, he “dips the cookie” (Molhar o biscoito) or, he “drowns the goose” (Afogar o ganso).

10. Peruvians don’t have a one-night stand…they have a “hit and run” (Lo de ellos fue choque y fuga).

11. French men don’t “masturbate”…they “tickle their leek” (Se chatouiller le poireau).

12. An Indonesian isn’t called a “playboy” or a “womanizer”…he’s a “land crocodile” (Buaya darat).

13. A Colombian doesn’t “hook up” with someone…they “eat them” (Ella se lo comió).

14. A Mexican doesn’t have “sexual intercourse in the morning”…they throw “the morning one” (Se avienta el mañanero).

15. Chilean men don’t have erectile dysfunction…they have “an umbrella handle,” (Cacho paraguas).

16. In Quebec guys don’t have a huge sex drive…they have “lead in their pencils” (y’a de la mine dans le crayon).

17. The French won’t say that you have “intense sexual desire”…they say that “your ass is on fire” (Avoir le feu au cul).

18. Chileans don’t experience a sex drought…they are “with the accumulated lottery” (Andar con el kino acumulado).

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