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19 Funniest Expressions From Galicia

by Inma Gregorio Jul 31, 2015

1. In Galicia, skirts aren’t ‘short,’ they are at ‘pussy level.’ (a ras de cona)

2. A Galician is never ‘ugly,’ he’s just ‘tasty.’ (riquiño)

3. A Galician is not ‘hungover,’ he’s ‘made a shit.’ (feito unha merda)

4. A Galician never fails to ‘consider the consequences,’ he just ‘can’t witness the long spiked lance on its way.’ (¿e logo ti non ve-la vara?)

5. A Galician doesn’t ‘overthink,’ he ‘eats the pot.’ (cómese a olla)

6. A Galician is never ‘drunk,’ he’s ‘all yours.’ (todo é seu)

7. A Galician doesn’t ‘dress up,’ he ‘goes like a brush.’ (vai como un pincel)

8. A Galician is not ‘crazy’, he is ‘like a stew.’ (como unha caldereta)

9. A Galician doesn’t ‘worry for his future’ because ‘every pig gets its San Martin day.’ (a todo porco lle chega o seu San Martiño)

10. A Galician doesn’t ‘forget something,’ he ‘remembers Saint Barbara when it begins to thunder.’ (acórdase un de santa Bárbara cando trona)

11. A Galician never cares about new trends, because ‘youngsters and green firewood are all smoke’. (xente nova e leña verde todo é fume)

12. In Galicia it doesn’t ‘rain,’ instead ‘pikes peak fall.’ (caen chuzos de punta)

13. A Galician doesn’t ‘stop complaining,’ he ‘goes to cry at Collona’s place.’ (vai chorar á casa da collona)

14. In Galicia, no one cares about surnames, people just ask ‘whose are you?’ (¿e logo ti de quen ves sendo?)

15. A Galician doesn’t take a ‘last drink,’ he asks for a ‘starter.’ (arrancadeira)

16. A Galician doesn’t ‘get surprised,’ he ‘hurries the devil.’ (¡arredemo!)

17. In Galicia, if seagulls come inland, ‘sailors go to shit or to the tavern.’ (gaivotas á terra, mariñeiros á merda / na taberna)

18. In Galicia no one will ask you to ‘dance,’ they’ll ask if you fancy ‘spending the dance floor’ instead. (¿gastas pista?)

19. If you try to hurry a Galician, he’ll tell you ‘the path is done step by step’ or ‘the path gets done with bread and wine.’ (pasiño a pasiño, faise o camiño / con pan e viño, faise o camiño)

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