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The 19 Funniest Slovenian Expressions (and How To Use Them)

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Photo: Natalia Deriabina/Shutterstock
Andreja Jernejčič
Jun 20, 2016

1. Slovenians don’t get a hangover… They “have a cat” (Imam mačka).

2. And when it’s a particularly bad hangover they… “Have a tiger” (Imam tigra).

3. A Slovenian does not express good fortune… They say “my axe fell into the honey” (Sekira mi je padla v med).

4. Slovenians don’t give up… They “throw a rifle into the corn” (Vržemo puško v koruzo).

5. A Slovenian won’t take the long way home… They’ll “go into the pocket around the ass” (Je šel okrog riti v žep).

6. A Slovenia won’t tell you to ¨Go to hell!¨… Rather they’ll say ¨Let the mother hen kick you¨ (Naj te koklja brcne).

7. Slovenians aren’t under pressure… They “have a bitch jumping into their ass” (Kuzla mu v rit skače).

8. A Slovenian is not guilty… They “have a lot of butter on their head” (Ima veliko masla na glavi).

9. Slovenians don’t throw up… They “call the reindeers” (Kličemo jelene).

10. They also don’t move away or die… They go to “whistle to the crabs” (Šel je rakom žvižgat).

11. Slovenians don’t laugh out loud… Rather they “smile like a roasted cat”. (Smeji se kot pečen maček).

12. A Slovenian won’t say “Bloody Hell!”… They’ll say, “Three hundred hairy bears!” (Tristo kosmatih medvedov).

13. They also don’t get fired… But do “get put on the shoe”. (Dali so ga na čevelj).

14. Morning sex is off the cards in Slovenia… “Roosters breakfast” is preferred (Petelinji zajtrk).

15. A Slovenian is not broke… They are “on the dog” (On je na psu).

16. Neither are they bankrupt… Rather they “reached the drum” (Prišel je na boben).

17. A Slovenian won’t cheat on you… But they will “jump over the fence” (Skačejo čez plot).

18. Slovenian’s won’t ask you to go away… They’ll say, “go get yourself salted!” (Solit se pojdi).

19. You’ll never hear of a Slovenian making a bad deal… But you will hear, “we bought a cat in the sack” (Kupil je mačka v žaklju).

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