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20 Signs You Learned to Drink in Mammoth Lakes, California

Mammoth Lakes Student Work
by Carrie Pritchard May 19, 2016

1.You ski moguls better with two beers in your hand… Okay, you ski everything better with two beers in your hand.

2. You’ve hooked up with more foreigners than locals.

3. You know exactly how many drinks it takes to make you drunk at any elevation.

4. You have been to a ski school party, even if you don’t work there because that is the only place in town with an even guy-to-girl ratio.

5. You have gotten kicked out of and then re-accepted into employee housing for under-aged drinking, at least once.

6. Your go-to drink when you are short on cash is the PBR-Fireball combo from the Clocktower Cellar.

7. You always rally for first chair in the morning, no matter how hung over you are.

8. You have the schedule of best weekday happy hour specials at each bar memorized.

9. You have gone to more ‘House Parties’ in second and third homes than first homes.

10. You usually see your former teacher, your friend’s parents, and your boss when you go out and they are usually drunker than you are.

11. You always see at least one person you have slept with every time you go out.

12. You have probably chugged a beer out of an old ski boot as a rite of passage.

13. You make all your city friends do a shot ski during their first visit.

14. You know the dress code. You never go out in heels or a dress or a skirt because you wouldn’t risk looking like a SoCal tourist.

15. Walking home on the iced over and unlit neighborhood streets is your best self-check sobriety test.

16. You have memorized the entire bus schedule to more effectively bar hop without having to wait in the cold.

17. Your best and worst nights always end at Lakanuki.

18. You have your own special strategy for completing the Mammoth Mountain bar crawl.

19. You celebrate New Year’s about two weeks after New Year because you and everyone else had to work a double on the actual holiday.

20. You know that alcohol is the most lucrative bartering tool for any maintenance you need on your boots or skis in town.

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