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20 Signs You Went to College in Boston

by Julia Kitlinski-Hong Aug 26, 2016

1. You could be found at Sunset Grill and Tap for Mystery Beer Tuesday.
Always with a large plate of nachos to share with your crew.

2. You did your time in Allston.
With three other roommates, not including the mice.

3. You only went to the South End when your parents came to visit.
Tapas from Toro never tasted so good.

4. You waited for the B Line in subzero temperatures.
And would do it all over again just to go to a party at BC or BU.

5. There were at least three students in your class who wore Red Sox caps year round.
And the professor didn’t even bat an eye.

6. A noticeable amount of your class was absent the day after the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Southie.

7. All your morning classes had the aroma of freshly brewed Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.
Hazelnut Swirl seemed a crowd favorite.

8. September 1 was always a memorable day.
Two words: Allston Christmas.

9. You had countless $3.50 slices of pizza at Otto’s.
The slices were huge and way better than Dominos.

10. Citywide holidays like Marathon Monday or St. Patrick’s Day were always for kegs and eggs.

11. Super 88 was where you got your Asian food fix.
Whether it was Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese.

12. You headed over to The Middle East frequently for concerts.
And fueled up on hummus and falafel at their restaurant beforehand.

13. You danced many a night away at the Paradise.

14. You celebrated the end of finals with a trip down to Modern.
Mike’s was overrated anyway.

15. You lugged your books to the Boston Public Library a few times a semester, rain or shine.
Because when else could you study in such a stunning historical landmark?

16. Mike’s Restaurant was your go-to place for late night Italian cravings.
After a night out at The Burren a few doors down.

17. Newbury Comics was where you got all your roommates’ Christmas gifts.

18. You made many late night runs to City Convenience.
Where else could you stock up on snacks after 12 a.m.?

19. Halloween was a weekend long, citywide holiday.
And the T was transformed into a party train.

20. You went to Sox, Bruins and Celtics games with discounted tickets.
One of the perks of being an undergrad in a sports crazy city.

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