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20 Things You'll Never Hear Someone From Cardiff Say

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by Tom Greenough Mar 23, 2016

1. Gareth Bale’s got shit hair.

2. The thing I love about the trains is…

3. I live in St Mellons, near Newport.

4. £5.10 for a Stella? Here you go fella, keep the change.

5. I’m still not convinced about the Millennium Stadium.

6. Steady with the gravy, butt.

7. We love Vincent Tan, say we love Vincent Tan!

8. Wetherspoons? Nah bud, too common for me.

9. At least the flats down the Bay will age well.

10. It’s alright, but what I don’t get, right, is what’s the difference between St Fagans and the rest of Wales?

11. Sorry mate, I’ve got no opinion on that.

12. Who’s that fella always drumming on the bins in town?

13. Went to that pink shop on City Road the other day. Yeah that one.

14. Nah mun, never been one for a curry.

15. Do you mime through the anthem?

16. Love a dip in the river on a hot day.

17. Rain again? What do you expect hosting a Test Match in Wales?

18. Should be lush, the hen do’s in Swansea.

19. I’m not going anywhere that charges less than £2 for a double.

20. What’s Spillers?

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