25 Pets All Dressed Up for Christmas

by Albie Hartshill Dec 21, 2013

It’s Christmas season, so if you’re tired of your family, tired of traveling in snowstorms, and tired of spending all your money, take a zen break and look at animals dressed up for Christmas.

1. This is not nearly as cute when people do it.

Cat with christmas lights

(Via Addelburgh)

2. And you thought it was just gonna be kittens and puppies.

Black and white hedgehog photo

(Via The Vintage Loser)

3. If you take pictures like this, please make sure there’s a treat for the dog after you snap it.

Dog with cookie on nose

(Via With Grace & Guts)

4. Bunnies look great in hats.

Rabbit in hat

(Via Bunnzies)

5. Five bucks says these dogs chewed their hats off 30 seconds after this picture.

Dogs in holiday hats

(Via Biskviit)

6. Go ahead. Say it: “Awwwwwwww…”

Dogs in hats

(Via Courtney’s Daily Inspiration)

7. The trend is to put on a Santa hat, but to be fair, wrapping them in holly is way less comfortable.

Cat in santa hat

(Via SnowyChocolade)

8. Christmas and Easter collide!

Bunny with hat

(Via WhiteAngelXOXO)

9. I mean, you knew the lights were getting chewed when you put them up in the first place.

Dog tangled in lights

(Via Nurture Your Temple)

10. Pugs just have the tackiest taste.

Dog with reindeer antlers

(Via Addelburgh)

11. You can tell this husky has seen things that would chill your soul.

Dog with blue eyes

(Via Lauxembourg)

12. “Soon…” the cat thought. “Soon.”

Close up cat eyes

(Via DaniielaRamirez)

13. “Okay, who ate the tree?”


(Via We’re Going Nowhere)

14. I know you clicked on this link thinking, “God, I hope there’s a picture of a capybara with a guinea pig.” Boom.

Pets with antlers and hat

(Via Snow Miser)

15. Yeah, it wasn’t Santa who ate the cookies when you were a kid.

Pets eating cookies

(Via Snow Miser)

16. “Aww, he’s not plotting anything horrible — look how cute he is!”

A cat with ribbon

(Via WeHeartIt)

17. There is such a thing as going overboard.

Dog wearing holiday costume

(Via Fruits Juice)

18. Were there no turtle-sized hats at the store? This is just lazy.

Turtle under hat

(Via TreeFrogsTrek)

19. The softness of this picture has reached critical mass and has started to collapse in on itself.

Puppies in scarves

(Via Soul Notes)

20. This picture is even more enjoyable when you hum the Benny Hill tune while looking at it.

Penguins in costumes

(Via WeHeartIt)

21. This is how the Queen gets from place to place in winter.

Small dogs pulling sled

(Via XMarkSpencer)

22. Don’t save your shopping until the last minute, folks.

Reindeer pulling sleigh

(Via LynnLeev)

23. This has happened literally every time a cat has had a Santa hat on.

Cat with hat

(Via Forever and Always)

24. And, of course, the original dressed-up Christmas animal.

Drawing of animal wearing an antler

(Via DirectedByChuckJones)

25. They can’t all be happy.

Cat under ribbon

(Via Slow Turtle)

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