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1. Every school excursion always seemed to be to either the planetarium, Papalote Museum, or African Safari. Talk about variety!
2. As a teenager you would go clubbing in Cholula every Friday night, frequenting places like La Rocka and Unit.
3. At university, your go-to breakfast was a torta de tamal with atole. Masa accompanied with a drink made of masa? #Yolo
4. You’re absolutely certain that the people who live in the house on Avenida Juarez 1702 are small, to say the least.
5. You understand someone perfectly when they say ‘Tomas la 2 y te vas hasta la 11 y ahí das vuelta a la derecha para tomar la 43, te vas hasta la 18 y ya llegaste.’
6. As a kid you went to at least one party at ‘Julius Pizza.’ Three words: best day EVER! You were having such a great time that you didn’t even realize you were eating microwave-prepared pizza. Yum!
7. You always dreamed that la franja would be champions!
8. The only extreme sport in your life was go-karting at the China Poblana.
9. You always fancied an ‘Empanadas de crema, empanadas de piña, empanadas de atún, empanadas de jamón, empanadas hawaianas (pausa) Empanada Árabe.’ But of course you never actually bought one.
10. As soon as you were out of town you learned to appreciate delicious home foods such as tacos árabes and cemitas.
11. You bought your video games and movies at La Fayuca.
12. Occasionally on a Monday night you would let out your anger at Las Luchas, and it was a whole lot better than having therapy!
13. You went to the cinema at the now non-existent Cinemas Gemelos.
14. You laughed at the mariachi polar bear dance.
15. Forget about Six Flags, you went on Ruta Rapidos de San Antonio!
16. You cured many hangovers by eating memelas (even if you did have to repeat your order at least twice).
17. You’ve seen, the now uninhabited, La Noria and Las Ánimas, actually full.
18. You enjoyed a dip in the lovely-smelling Agua Azul.
19. You know that going to the mirador de los Fuertes doesn’t really mean you are in for a good view.
20. You played arcade games at Plaza San Pedro aka Plaza San Peter.
21. You know that if you didn’t run after pigeons in the zócalo then you wouldn’t have had a real childhood.
22. Your mom bought you clothes in Rodoreda.
23. You have been woken up by the ‘Gas de Oriente’ truck tune on the weekend when you were expecting a lie-in.
24. You got many Sunday family lunches from ‘Pollo Feliz.’
25. You can spot from a mile away the bald guy with very short shorts who walks around the zócalo.