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28 Signs You Were Born and Raised in Central Jersey

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by Katie McGrain Aug 17, 2015

1. You spent many nights calling in to PST to win a prize pack for guessing the Top Five at Nine.

2. You always had grand plans to go out on Mischief Night, but were never allowed.

3. You recognize the distinct area that makes up Central Jersey. Lumping your town in with North or South Jersey is a big no-no.

4. Being from Central Jersey meant you never had to choose between New York teams or Philly teams. Both the Giants and Eagles were well represented in your town.

5. Your town consisted of a small downtown, a whole bunch of neighborhoods, and a strip mall or two. All entirely boxed in by highways.

6. Class trips to the Liberty Science Center were epic. Touch Tunnel? Yes, please!

7. Summers around town were empty because everyone went away to sleep away camp, and those left in the neighborhood spent summer nights playing massive games of manhunt.

8. At Halloween, every farm in the area had it’s own Haunted Hayride, and you went on all of them.

9. At least one of your parents commuted to NYC everyday for work on NJ Transit.

10. At least three malls were in quick driving distance of your house. Quakerbridge was decent, Bridgewater was better, but Freehold was the place to be.

11. You knew you lived in the perfect location; close to NYC, Philly, and the shore.

12. Everyone knew where you were going when you said you were “going to the city.”

13. It’s Great Adventure, not Six Flags, and it’s in your backyard. At some point in your life you had a season pass, and knew going just two times meant you broke even.

14. An EZ Pass was the first accessory in your car when you FINALLY got your license at 17.

15. There were deer everywhere, and their cuteness lost their appeal as soon as you started driving.

16. You never learned how to pump your own gas, but boy are you good at navigating a jug handle.

17. Going 80 mph in the 65 zone on the highway was no big deal. Going 27 mph through a 25 mph residential zone, though, you were almost guaranteed a ticket.

18. Nothing made you angrier than when cars with out of state license plates caused you to miss the light at a jug handle.

19. Wawa is the greatest convenience store to ever exist.

20. Hoagie Haven in Princeton, for you, is the ultimate comfort food to ease all greasy cravings.

21. Late nights spent at diners along 130 or Route 1 were the best way to end a night.

22. You hit up the Grease Trucks at Rutgers as soon as you could drive.

23. It’s Tren-in, not Trent-ton.

24. Your wild Friday night plans consisted of going to the movies, the mall, or a park.

25. Your high school graduation was at Sovereign Bank Arena.

26. When it was time to go to college, you didn’t have to stray far from home. Princeton, Rutgers, TCNJ, Monmouth, and Rider were all a quick drive away.

27. Your town was proud it did not smell like the North Jersey refineries.

28. No one knows where your town is unless they are also from Central Jersey.

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