30 Questions Brooklynites Are Sick of Hearing

by Henry Miller Sep 17, 2015

1. “Mind if I bum a loosie?”

2. “What are those guys who wear fur hats in the middle of July all about?”

3. “What’s that flag that looks like the American flag but has one star in a triangle, and why is it everywhere?”

4. “So you must spend all of your time in Williamsburg/Bushwick, right?”

5. “Who are those kids riding around on dirt bikes doing wheelies all the time?”

6. “Prospect Park isn’t as good as Central Park, is it?”

7. “What’s a LIRR?”

8. “Why is a grilled cheese sandwich $11 at the art gallery/bike shop/bar you work at?”

9. “What does “No-Sleep-Till-BROOKLYN!” even mean?”

10. “What in all of creation is driving you to chase a whiskey shot with pickle juice?”

11. “Can you tell me how to get to Long Island?”

12. “Wouldn’t you rather be living in Manhattan?”

13. “Nets or Knicks?”

14. “I know brownstones are pretty, but why live in one when you can live in a new condo built on top of it instead?”

15. “Jay-Z, Mos Def or Biggie?”

16. “I left Brooklyn. “OY VEY.” Amiright?”

17. “Don’t you ever get annoyed at all the non-English language speakers in Brooklyn?”

18. “Why would you spend any amount of time hanging out on the stairs to your building?”

19. “Why can’t I get to Queen’s on the Subway? Won’t the ‘G’ get me there just fine?”

20. “What’s so great about salmon on a bagel, anyway?”

21. “What do you mean you’re going to “The City” today? Aren’t we already there?”

22. “Why is everybody so insistent that I ride an 80-year-old rollercoaster made of wood?”

23. “Is that multicolored bikini and headdress really all that you will be wearing for the West Indies Parade?”

24. “Wait, which neighborhood is down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass again?”

25. “So the “L” isn’t the same as an “el,” but it turns into one after Wilson Ave?”

26. “Why would anybody want to watch someone eat hot dogs on Coney Island?”

27. “Why is everybody glaring at me when I say “ProCro” and “Ridgewick?””

28. “You can’t seriously expect me to believe that this food was grown in Brooklyn?”

29. “Is that a chicken slaughterhouse outside of your apartment?”

30. “No, where are you really from? Ohio? Pennsylvania?”

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