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30 Things Someone From Kansas Would Never Say

by Lisa Waters Aug 11, 2016

1. “Where’s Johnson County?”

2. “I’ve never met anyone in 4-H.”

3. “What was that whole Brown v. Board thing about?”

4. “I can’t seem to find a country music station.”

5. “Farmers, who needs ‘em?”

6. “Tornadoes never do that much damage.”

7. “I-70 from border to border goes by in the blink of an eye.”

8. “I don’t have visions of deer darting out in front of me on the highway.”

9. “What’s an opossum?”

10. “Our teachers are paid enough.”

11. “I don’t know anyone with a truck.”

12. “Kids were meant to play indoors.”

13. “High school sports aren’t about winners and losers.”

14. “These lights are too bright to see any stars.”

15. “Pop? You mean “soda?”

16. “I can’t find a hamburger joint anywhere.”

17. “What’s a Jayhawk?”

18. “It’s too crowded here.”

19. “Locusts just whisper.”

20. “What’s protocol for a tornado drill?”

21. “Manhattan is in western Kansas.”

22. “Checking for ticks is optional.”

23. “I have confidence in tomorrow’s forecast.”

24. “Lawrence is too conservative for me.”

25. “Who is Amelia Earhart?”

26. “Surely the snowplows will have this cleared out by morning.”

27. “It’d sure be nice if a fair would roll into town every once in a while.”

28. “All these winding streets can get confusing.”

29. “Monthly tornado siren tests fool me every time.”

30. “Know any good Dorothy jokes?”

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