1. You keep saying “wicked” but I’m not sure what you mean.

2. Dunkins is closer, but I’m really feeling Starbucks.

3. I don’t get the leaf peeping hype — they’re just leaves.

4. Adam Sandler is from New Hampshire? No way!

5. I’ve never had a Fluffernutter before.

6. What’s your area code?

7. I prefer shopping in states that have sales tax.

8. It’s too cold out for iced coffee.

9. You only have homemade syrup from your Uncle’s sugar shack? I was really craving Aunt Jemima.

10. Sorry, can’t come over. I don’t want to drive now that it’s snowing.

11. It’s about time they modernize all of these covered bridges.

12. I have room to bang a uey, but I think I’ll just wait for the next light to turn around.

13. I don’t shop at Market Basket.

14. We could really learn a thing or two from Massachusetts drivers.

15. It’s only 50 degrees; I really wish I brought my coat.

16. None of my friends went to UNH.

17. Do we really need a liquor and wine outlet at every highway exit?

18. “Live Free or Die” is too intense. I wish we had a sweeter, less intimidating motto.

19. Why’d they have to go and open a Dunkins on that corner? There’s one not even two blocks from here!

20. This will be a quick in-and-out trip to Walmart, I promise.

21. Mountains, lakes, the ocean, Boston. I hate having so many day trips to choose from.

22. I don’t know, Lake Winnipesaukee seems pretty average.

23. Fall means the Kanc will be jammed with all sorts of out-of-towners, yay for meeting new people!

24. The skiing around here really sucks.

25. Hiking Mount Washington was a total waste of time — the view wasn’t nearly as cool as I thought it’d be.

26. Hampton Beach is my favorite.

27. I could go the rest of my life without another s’more.

28. Camping? Never been.

29. We really shouldn’t be allowed to buy fireworks so easily.

30. I wish I grew up somewhere else.