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30 Things You'll Never Hear Someone From the South Say

by Angela Karl Dec 16, 2016

1. “I don’t even like Chick-fil-A.”

2. “Nashville and Dallas barbecue taste exactly the same.”

3. “I just went to Walmart and didn’t see anyone I know.”

4. “I don’t need to buy all the bread in the store before that a quarter inch of snow falls.”

5. “Actually, I don’t believe in God.”

6. “I’ll take an unsweet tea, please.”

7. “Why would you call someone a yankee? The war is over.”

8. “Moonshine is just too strong for me.”

9. “Every single person I know is a democrat.”

10. “I don’t like mayonnaise.”

11. “I don’t believe in keeping guns in the house.”

12. “Muddin’ isn’t a true sport.”

13. “Waffle House isn’t even that great.”

14. “What’s the fun in coon huntin’?”

15. “I don’t want anymore beer.”

16. “What’s Dollywood?”

17. “I don’t own Chacos or Tevas.”

18. “You guys…”

19. “‘Ain’t’ isn’t a word.”

20. “Southern food isn’t very good.”

21. “That redneck joke was really funny.”

22. “I don’t like hiking or being outdoors.”

23. “I don’t understand why people like football so much.”

24. “The only real country musician today is Taylor Swift.”

25. “I really love the humidity here.”

26. “I’d like some pop/soda, please.”

27. “There isn’t any good music from the south.”

28. “We never have never-ending road construction here.”

29. “Graceland could’ve been decorated in a less tacky way…”

30. “There aren’t many options for choosing a church around here.”

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