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33 Things You'll Never Hear an Argentine Say

by Laura Bernhein Jul 29, 2015

1. It’s not worth it to start a discussion about this, my friend, you know you’re always right!

2. I don’t have any advice to give you. I’ll pass.

3. I’m so sorry I can’t go to the party tonight, but I have to get up early tomorrow.

4. Inflation? What’s that?

5. I voted for Menem.

6. Oh, and I voted for de De La Rúa too!

7. I love watching “Bailando por un sueño.”

8. Please address me formally. “Che” is not my name, nor is “Boludo.”

9. Who is Mafalda?

10. Going to a therapist? Please be careful; only really crazy people do that, man.

11. I’m a fan of Boca, but we can go together to see River. I’ll be so happy for you if your team scores a goal!

12. It’s not fair our politicians are making so little money…

13. It’s 2am, loco, it’s too late to go out!

14. Please don’t bring your cousin to el asado, there’s not enough food for one more person, maybe next time!

15. I just lost another truco match, but that’s OK, it’s having fun what matters!

16. I’m so sorry you told me to come at 9 and I got here at 12…I have no excuses, I promise it won’t happen again.

17. I’m not in the mood to talk about politics, let’s chat about the weather instead.

18. I trust my own currency. I don’t need dollars, euros or gold.

19. Vegetarianism is the norm in my country.

20. Do we always have to celebrate eating huge amounts of food?

21. I’m so sorry I came to your house without telling you in advance.

22. Mate? No, thank you, I’m worried about getting your germs.

23. Hey, I came to bring you back those books I borrowed two years ago.

24. No thank you, if I have another beer I will fall asleep.

25. Panqueques de dulce de leche? Maybe next time, I’ve eaten enough for today.

26. It’s been such a long time since I called my friends by their real names…I’ll stop calling them “Reina,” “Gordo,” or “Negra” right now.

27. Friends are not part of the family, so please stop taking our friendship so seriously!

28. I don’t know how people can spend so much time talking…

29. Don’t you think we’re talking too loud?

30. I live to work.

31. Naps are a total waste of time.

32. I love it when you mock my accent. I do want to repeat “yo quiero que llueva” a couple more times for your entertainment.

33. And no, my accent is not sexy.

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