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35 Things You'll Never Hear Someone From New Hampshire Say

New Hampshire
by Maggie Wallace Aug 1, 2015

1. It IS cold enough for me.

2. I just love leaf peepers. I wish they were here all year long.

3. The government is doing everything right.

4. Aren’t people from Massachusetts courteous drivers, honey?

5. Go Yankees!!

6. I prefer a paisley pattern to flannel.

7. PSNH is so reliable in the winter, I don’t even need a generator!

8. No thanks, it’s too cold for a beer.

9. Oh yeah, this winter is worse than the Blizzard of 78’.

10. I found a 1922 model T Ford snowmobile in the woods, but I just didn’t think it was worth hiking it out.

11. I have absolutely no opinion about the Northern Pass.

12. Dunkin Donuts is OK, but I really prefer Starbucks.

13. Connecticut is my favorite New England state.

14. Please pass the Aunt Jemima syrup.

15. Oh, is it primary season? I hadn’t noticed.

16. Just got myself a wicked cheap townhouse in downtown Portsmouth!

17. I wish L.L. Bean would put snaps on their flannels shirts and make the material thinner to achieve that ‘urban’ look.

18. I always buy my liquor out of state.

19. Let’s sell the snow blower and switch to shoveling.

20. I was the ONLY person in line for the ski lift at Loon Mountain!

21. I don’t care what the Farmer’s Almanac said!

22. Yeah, Tom Brady probably cheated.

23. French Canadians are so polite.

24. I think I’m going to jump on 93 this Sunday night and head South just for the fun of it!

25. Our whole state is basically a suburb of Boston.

26. Put away your long johns and crank up the heat! We’re going to keep it at 85 this winter!

27. This year, let’s make sure we grow some plants the deer like to eat.

28. Yup, Vermont is just an upside-down NH and that’s where the differences end!

29. think I’m going to move to Berlin to take advantage of the thriving economy.

30. I love taxes. Why don’t we have more?

31. A bear! Cuuuuuute!!

32. Hampton beach is my favorite beach!

33. I grew this mustache to be ironic.

34. Now that the Old Man fell down, let’s take him off our license plates and signs.

And last but not least:

35. You CAN get there from here.

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