1. I love shopping in the Kalverstraat. It’s so serene.
  2. Sure, I take a dip in the canals every weekend. It’s very refreshing.
  3. Sorry I’m early to the meeting, but it was so easy to find a parking spot.
  4. I’m in love with those drunk and stoned tourists. Bliss.
  5. Yes, I’d love to have a beer at the Rembrandtplein! Gezellig.
  6. I’d never rent out my apartment to tourists on every possible occasion.
  7. No, I can’t hear my neighbors with their loud music and/or screaming kids.
  8. I don’t mind that Copenhagen was elected most bike-friendly city in the world last year.
  9. Let’s wait for the light to turn green, then we’ll cross.
  10. I’m just really worried what people are going to think.
  11. No you go first.
  12. The Noord-Zuid lijn is totally going to be worth the money.
  13. Finally, a place that sells wooden shoes. I’ve been looking all over for these.
  14. I don’t remember when Ajax won the Champions League.
  15. Of course we’ll just split the bill!
  16. Amsterdam is such a big city, I never run into the same people over and over again.
  17. Heineken is the best beer in the world.
  18. I have nothing to complain about. My life is perfect and the weather is lovely as always.
  19. I definitely pick up after my dog. What, don’t you?
  20. Jeez, I can’t wait for winter. This summer heat is never-ending.
  21. Did you see all those awesome new restaurants, bars, and breathtaking modern architecture in Rotterdam? I’m thinking of moving there.
  22. I got such a great deal on my apartment: centrally located and at a reasonable rate.
  23. Kingsday sucks, there’s nothing going on in the city.
  24. I’d rather not live at the canal.
  25. I hardly ever use my bike anyway, public transport is much faster.
  26. I wish someone would organize a summer techno music festival.
  27. Thank god we have the Boekenbal to look forward to every year.
  28. Johnny Jordaan? Who?
  29. Hipsters? Where?
  30. There was hardly any line at Hartog’s Volkoren to get oliebollen.
  31. Let’s just go to Marqt for a bargain meal.
  32. I’d never dispose of my trash near a tree in my street.
  33. I can’t fit my two kids on my bike while holding an umbrella and some bags full of groceries.
  34. There’s a sign that forbids walking on the lawn in the park, so let’s not do that.
  35. I saw Holleeder at the bar last night, we had a really nice chat.
  36. No problem, we’ll just have to carry the sofa up the stairs into the apartment.
  37. Those tourists really know how to ride a bike!
  38. Let’s skip this pikketanissietje. It’s time to go home.
  39. I don’t mind taking the ferry to Noord, not a hassle at all.
  40. Of course I’ll come visit when you move to Amstelveen!