60 Reasons to Explore the Rest of the Americas

by Matt Hershberger Feb 28, 2017

WE HERE AT MATADOR ARE baffled by the depiction of countries south of the US border as dangerous, scary places. Just last May, we hung out together in Costa Rica. There are Matador staff members living in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Brazil. Sure, every country has its rough areas and dangers, but on the whole, the rest of the Americas are amazing.

Many of us look to Europe when we look for culture and cosmopolitanism, or Africa and Asia when we look for wilderness. But why not the Americas? Mexico City is the city of the the 21st century. Argentina blends European and South American cultures like it’s no big deal. Indigenous cultures still thrive in places like Guatemala, Bolivia, and Peru. Brazil isn’t just beaches — it’s also jungle, chaparral, and plains. The Andes stretch from jagged rocks of Tierra del Fuego to the Jungles of Venezuela.

We dipped into our travelstoke app for some of the coolest spots south of the American border. Check them out, and buy your ticket.


 ChoripanSan Antonio de Areco, ArgentinaThis is Argentina. An authentic Argentine Gaucho crushing a Choripan behind his finca in San Antonio de Areco. #argentina

 Circulo Medico de San Antonio de ArecoSan Antonio de Areco, ArgentinaThere’s nothing better than the Gaucho Festival in the small town of San Antonio de Areco, just outside Buenos Aires, #argentina

 Perú BeachBuenos Aires, ArgentinaBuenos Aires isn’t known for its summertime beaches, but Rio de la Plata fills up with windsurfers and sunbathers at Perú Beach. #buenosaires #summer

 Centro de Ski Las LeñasLas Leñas, ArgentinaLas Lenas is a gem of a ski reset tucked high in the Andes above Mendoza. When the snow is good the lift serviced terrain on offer rivals some of the best in the world. The option to hike higher and deeper into the surrounding mountains is insane as well.

 Hotel Paraíso Casa de MontañaSan Martin de los Andes, ArgentinaBy FAR San Martin’s best hotel. Just a few minutes from town, but it overlooks the entire city and the lake. They’ve got the best local hookups for skiing, fishing, etc, but their extensive wine cellar might convince you to just hang out and chill with some yummy Malbec Reserves.


 Cahal PechSan Ignacio, BelizeStay in San Ignacio, Belize, if you’re going from Belize to Guatemala or vice versa by bus. The Cahal Pech Ruins are walking distance from town and a decent place to checkout. You can also walk on top of the temples. There is also another set of ruins a bit further and better, but I forgot the name. #ruins


 Salar de UyuniUyuni, BoliviaSunrise at the Salt Flats of Salar de Uyuni. #bolivia

 Isla del SolDepartamento de La Paz, BoliviaThe morning commute on Lake Titicaca’s Isla del Sol.

 MiradorEl Alto, BoliviaThe real-life legoland better known as La Paz, Bolivia. #lapaz


 Cânion do XingóDelmiro Gouveia, BrazilThis is the longest river – São Francisco’s River – in Brazil and in one of its parts (between the states of Alagoas, Bahia and Sergipe) there is a canyon that looks amazing. The easiest way and touristy way to reach this place is getting a tour from Aracaju city (Alagoas’ capital) with the bus and boat included. It costed 160 reais. But you can also go by car until where the boat leaves from (the town is called Canindé de São Francisco) and then take it to the river. Another cool thing about this place is the region itself: the canyon is located on the Brazilian Savannah which looks amazing especially during sunset :) From where the boat leaves you can go canoeing, go for a helicopter ride, eat local food, or do stand up surfing. The only one that is pricy is the helicopter one. #river #canyon #brazil #nature #sport

 Praia do Carro QuebradoBarra de Santo Antônio, BrazilA sort of hidden beach on the north coast of Alagoas state. The cliffs are beautiful and the color of the sea is way more beautiful than the picture. It’s difficult to reach but really worth seeing. Not great for swimming though. #beach #beachlife #beaches #brazil

 Praia da Lagoinha LesteFlorianópolis, BrazilThe views were well worth the hike from Lagoinha do Leste in Florianopolis, Brazil. This island has some of the most amazing beaches I have ever witnessed in my life. #Brazil #Floripa

 AmaralinaSalvador, Brazil#street #art #graffiti

 Castelinho Morim PetrópolisPetrópolis, BrazilEasy one-hour hike to Castelinho-Morin.

 InhotimBrumadinho, BrazilThe immaculate natural campus of Inhotim art gallery outside Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

 Mural “Etnias” – Eduardo KobraRio de Janeiro, BrazilGreat place to walk around and enjoy art. Cobra is a great artist! Totally worth it visiting the mural if you are in Rio :)


 AtacamaPampa Elena, Chile#desert

 Conguillío National ParkSanta María, ChileThe amazing Llaima’s volcano

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