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49 Things You'll Never Hear Someone From Dublin Say

by Janet Newenham Apr 6, 2016

1. “Well, Cork is the real capital anyway.”

2. “No, I don’t really follow the football.”

3. “Happy St Patty’s Day.”

4. “I’m such a stun hun.”

5. “Are ya heading to Coppers?”

6. “I guess we’re all culchies really.”

7. “I really miss Tallafornia.”

8. “I’d kill for a cup of Barry’s tea.”

9. “I love how the bus is always on time.”

10. “Renting a room here is so affordable.”

11. “I love all this sunlight we get during winter.”

12. “Are you coming to Temple Bar for a pint?”

13. “The Luas is so fast, isn’t it?”

14. “I love how peaceful the DART is every morning.”

15. “A 3-in-1 from Chalies? No thanks.”

16. “Zaytoons is the WORST.”

17. “Parnell street is heaven.”

18. “I wish there were more Starbucks in the city centre.”

19. “Northside is definitely nicer than the Southside.”

20. “Dublin girls are such rides.”

21. “Up the rebels!”

22. “I wish I lived in ‘the country’.”

23. “I’m actually from Meath.”

24. “I love how the green and red Luas lines are connected.”

25. “Vincent Browne? Never heard of him.”

26. “What we really need is more politicians like the Healy-Rae’s.”

27. “It’s a bit too cold for an Ice Cream.”

28. “You can’t watch TV and tweet at the same time.”

29. “Is it not too early for pints?”

30. “The Rising? When was that?”

31. “I’m so proud of the spire.”

32. “I’m going to skip my tea break until I get my work done.”

33. “Can you give me directions to Penneys?”

34. “I love how easy it is to find a great apartment in Dublin.”

35. “I’m a fashionista.”

36. “€200. Brown Thomas.”

37. “I’m not a big fan of Crackbird.”

38. “Sunday session? No, I’ve work tomorrow.”

39. “Mayo for Sam!”

40. “Can I have a bag of walkers cheese and onion?”

41. “David O’Doherty is no craic.”

42. “I wish there were more chuggers on Grafton street.”

43. “Bono is my idol.”

42. “Dublin Bikes are the bane of my life”

43. “I wish I lived in Ballymun.”

44. “I prefer Murphy’s to Guinness anyday.”

45. “I love swimming in the Liffey, it’s so clean”

46. “You’re from Bray? Sure that’s pretty much Dublin.”

47. “I’m not really a fan of Burdocks’ chips.”

48. “The one way system in the city centre was such a good idea.”

49. “Guinness tastes better from a can.”

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