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5 Ways for Travelers to Start a Location-Independent Career: A Webinar for Matador

by David Miller Feb 3, 2010
BrazenCareerist, a “career management tool for next-generation professionals,” offers a webinar for Matador readers to learn how to become location independent.

OVER THE PAST several weeks we’ve been in contact with Ryan Paugh from the BrazenCareerist Community. We signed an ad deal, and are stoked to see how our two communities can grow supporting one another.

Brazen Careerist’s tagline is “Where Ideas Are Your Resume.” It’s a community of people who have achieved a location-independent lifestyle via new and social media, blogging, design, and other online work.

Profiles of Brazen Careerists

There’s never a 100% “typical” Brazen Careerist. Their community is super diverse and dynamic. For example, take the following three Brazen Careerists and what they have to say about the community:

Lea Woodward, Founder of Location Independent Professionals

I live a nomadic life with my husband and 6 month old daughter, traveling and living in places like Cape Town, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Grenada, Panama, Buenos Aires. Brazen Careerist has been a great way to nurture existing professional relationships while I’m on the road.

Having also set up a group for other location independent people on BC, it’s been a fantastic way to “meet” people who live or want to live a similar lifestyle and demonstrates that borders and geography really don’t matter these days.

Caitlin McCabe, Founder of White Label Marketing & the blog Smile Like you Mean It

As a location independent I use Brazen Careerist to ask other entrepreneurs what processes and systems are working for them. The community is really receptive to questions that a lot of other business pros don’t want to talk about or answer and the network there is really honest in their opinions.

Cath Duncan, Social Worker, Life Coach and blogger at Mine Your Resources and Bottom-line Bookclub

As a location independent professional, one of the fine balances is the tension of being independent in location whilst staying interdependent with my tribe, and Brazen Careerist helps me to do that. I’ve found a lot of great people on who share my core values – like innovation, inventing an authentic life, making a contribution, doing meaningful work, and so on, and I love that it’s a spam-free thinking environment that makes it easy for me to keep up with the latest thinking amongst my peers and like-minded young thoughtleaders.

5 Ways for Travelers to Start a Location-Independent Career: A Webinar for Matador Community

After discussing various ways by which we could share info between Brazen Careerist and Matador, Ryan thought of an exclusive webcast for Matador readers/members.

Here’s the info:

SUMMARY: Career-advice expert, author, columnist and speaker Penelope Trunk will teach you how to build a career that fits the nomadic lifestyle of travelers and travel writers / photographers / filmmakers.

They will cover:

* Steps you can take to make a seamless transition
* Building and maintaining a network that will make Location-Independence possible
* How social media is the key to making it all happen
* Plus, much more

The event is scheduled for next Wednesday, Feb 10, at 9PM EST.

We encourage anyone interested in evolving their professional options to register for thelocation independence webinar with Brazen Careerist. It’s free, and you’ll be in contact with a great new community.

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