1. Who is Dato’ Lee Chong Wei?
  2. Pressing 1234567890 for a customer service phone call is so much fun!
  3. Nope, I can’t find a place that serves good food.
  4. Nasi lemak is too heavy for breakfast
  5. I don’t miss Malaysian food at all when I am abroad. I prefer pizzas and hamburgers anyway.
  6. My internet speed is so fast!
  7. We are so happy to pay tax.
  8. Malaysian weather is so nice, we should sit outdoor and enjoy the sunshine more!
  9. Nope, I do not know where Singapore is.
  10. Tun Dato’ Seri Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad? Never heard of him.
  11. There are not enough Mamak stalls in the neighborhood.
  12. My rent is so cheap.
  13. I can hardly see a Bangla in Kuala Lumpur.
  14. I am 100% always on time.
  15. I canceled the plan because there was no parking space.
  16. We worked 20 days straight without a festive public holiday.
  17. I’ve never tasted Durian.
  18. It never rains.
  19. What is EPF?
  20. It is okay if you don’t score in exams, son! Go out more with your friends, enjoy your youth!
  21. The petrol price is so cheap, man!
  22. Don’t worry about snatch thieves in big cities.
  23. Jalan Tun Razak this morning — no jam.
  24. I never uses ‘lah’ in my daily conversations.
  25. I know exactly what I want to eat later.
  26. I’ve never Tapao food.
  27. I haven’t gotten into the car, I’m sorry I will be so late.
  28. I’ve never try to change my accents when speaking with a tourist.
  29. I can’t find halal food anywhere!
  30. We need to build more tolls.
  31. My family never owned a Proton.
  32. The living cost in Kuala Lumpur is not that high.
  33. Houses are cheap in Malaysia!
  34. I leave my parking space as fast as possible so that other people can take my space.
  35. I stick to my lane and give way to other drivers because I know this is not my grandparents’ road.
  36. If someone wants to cut queue, I’ll let him.
  37. Let’s buy some original movie DVDs.
  38. I can’t afford to go to the doctor… public health care is too expensive.
  39. There are no good beaches in Malaysia. Or good hill resorts.
  40. Close the subtitles, it’s distracting.
  41. We really need more shopping malls.
  42. I love driving in Malaysia. Drivers here are so considerate.
  43. Boss, keep the change, that is your tip!
  44. I do not know where to go for a hike.
  45. Malaysians have no respect for older people.
  46. Datuk Nicol David is the best in badminton!
  47. Flight tickets to anywhere are just too expensive.
  48. Chill lah bro, no one is gonna compete with you for an Air Asia free seat.
  49. Jimmy Choo is a US shoe brand.
  50. We really need more millionaires from all over the world buying up all the real estate.
  51. Absolutely! We, from the West Peninsula know everything about Sabah and Sarawak!
  52. I don’t feel strongly about Harimau Malaya.
  53. There are no pot holes on the road.
  54. Biking? Totally! I love to bike everywhere.
  55. The malls are empty during weekends.
  56. People in Kuala Lumpur walk like tortoises.
  57. I wish I could go to the National Service.
  58. Exams are so fun! I wish there were more!
  59. This protest is going to make all the difference!
  60. There is no need to go queue up for a Happy Meal toy.
  61. Restaurant food tastes better than hawker food.
  62. Bird’s nests are not good for your health.
  63. Instagram photos of my food? No way I am doing this!
  64. I never ask for a free gift after buying something expensive.
  65. Discounts and sales just don’t get my attention.
  66. Peak hours? It’s easy to get a taxi, if not, hop on an empty LRT!
  67. I love my tan skin, I am not trying to look fairer.