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8 Questions Chileans Are Sick of Hearing

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by Nicolás Vergara Oct 27, 2015

1. “Why are there white people in Chile?”

Ok, most of our population is mestizo, but you shouldn’t be surprised to see white people in Chile. The Spanish and Germans populated a huge land math in the south of Chile and Croatians came over to Antofagasta and Punta Arenas. Today with a new wave of Caribbean immigrants, Chile is becoming a multiracial country.

2. “Do you dance salsa?”

Latinos are well known for being good dancers. Chileans on the other hand are not. We’d rather listen to cumbia instead of salsa and we rather drink instead of dance. We are very different from your latino stereotype.

3. “Pisco is Peruvian?”

Ok, you want to know the truth? Everybody will answer it’s Chilean. However, no one really knows. Both countries claim the ownership and both have towns named “Pisco”. If you want to make a good impression in front of a Chilean, pick a side, and the Chilean one of course.

4. “Do you speak Chilean?”

One of my favorites, and actually the question is no that offensive but it’s comical to say the least. Our Chilean Spanish is almost another language, super fast, horrible pronunciation and we use slang every second word.

5. “Do you eat chili con carne?”

What? Why? Most of Chileans wouldn’t even understand what you are asking. The name of our country is C H I L E, not chili. Gringo, amigo, if we followed this logic you’d also ask to Scottish people if all they drink scotch, at least scotch comes from Scotland.

6. “Do you fear earthquakes?”

Of course, we do! What kind of question is that?! We might be more used to them than people from other nations, but we are human!

7. “What do you think of Pinochet?”

Please, no one wants a fight at the table. It’s stated that one out of five Chileans support Pinochet today. But please, if you do dare talk politics do it in private.

8. “Where is Chile located?”

Really? Come on, I could expect that question twenty years ago, but now?! We have some dignity and pride and you need a basic education.

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