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9 Things You'll Get Addicted to Living in Kansas

by Joseph Griffin Feb 20, 2017

1. Watching the sunset

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One of the best things about living in Kansas is the sunset. Year-round, state-wide, Kansas has beautiful sunsets. It’s fantastic to step outside in the evening and see the sky covered in shades of red and gold sprawling out for miles in all directions.

2. College sports

Even if you don’t follow sports and could care less who wins, chances are a lot of your friends do. So, whether it’s KU, K-State, WSU, or some other state school, you’ll either get addicted to your favorite team and follow them religiously or get addicted to hanging out with your friends while they watch the game.

3. Kansas-brewed beers

Ok, this may sound strange to people from other states because Kansas is historically a dry state and still has some of the most restrictive alcohol laws in the country, but Kansas has some breweries that actually make some pretty great beer. Try just about anything from Free State Brewery or Tallgrass Brewing Co., and you’ll see what I mean.

4. Spontaneously running into friends

Aside from, perhaps, some of the biggest cities in the state, in Kansas, you hardly have to make plans. All you have to do is go out to the grocery store, a restaurant, a bar, a coffee shop, or just walk down the street, and you’ll run into someone you know.

5. Louisburg cider

Forget pumpkin spice anything. What you look forward to in Kansas is the time of year when grocery stores start stocking up on apple cider from the Louisburg Cider Mill in Louisburg, KS. There’s nothing better than hot cider on a cold day. And, for that, Louisburg has you covered.

6. Outdoor activities

Fishing, hunting, biking, hiking, just sitting around soaking up some sun, whatever you like to do, there’s plenty of great places to go in Kansas. You don’t need a reason to go outdoors. You just need some nice weather and to get out of work somehow.

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7. Hay fever medication

Wichita has been on several top ten lists of worst cities for people with spring allergies. So if you have hay fever, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of medication on hand.

8. The history

From the border wars between Kansas and Missouri when Kansas was fighting to be a free state during the “Bleeding Kansas” days to the legendary Wild West town of Dodge City, there’s history everywhere you go in Kansas. It’s easy to become a history buff just by exploring your own neighborhood.

9. Discovering Kansas

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Kansas is the 13th biggest state. You can’t discover everything all at once. You start going outdoors. You go for a drive along the backroads. You go for a walk in your hometown. You hear about a great local restaurant. You meet someone who grew up halfway across the state and who tells you about their hometown. You start falling in love with the wide-open plains and the prairie grass and the endless seas of crops that stretch out farther than you can see. And then you realize that there’s always something new to discover, some new place to find, even if, in some ways, it all looks the same. No matter how many times you see a beautiful sunset, it’s still beautiful, and each sunset is unique. Once you start exploring Kansas, it’s just a matter of time before you get addicted to it.

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