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Action Alert: Block Trump's Executive Order for the DAPL

United States Activism
by Emma Thieme Jan 25, 2017

The problem

Since April 2016, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, along with many other Native American groups, thousands of allies and thousands of U.S. veterans, have been nonviolently acting as water protectors in protest of the multi-billion dollar Dakota Access Pipeline project that would jeopardize the Lake Oahu, the tribe’s only source of drinking water. On Dec. 5, all the hard work of the Standing Rock Sioux brought a huge success: The Army Corps of Engineers agreed to pull back the project and seek an alternate route.

On Jan. 24th, President Trump signed an executive order to continue building the DAPL (as well as the Keystone XL Pipeline) — a huge ‘f**k you’ to a nation of people who are trying to protect their only source of drinking water, their sacred lands and their traditions, nonviolently — not to mention, a total disregard of the 37,000 military and civilian engineers who make up the USACE and sided with the Standing Rock Sioux.

Signing orders to move forward with the construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines in the Oval Office.

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To say that sucks is an understatement, but you can take less than 10 minutes of your time and do something about it.

Call your Congress people.

Each of your Congress people has an office in D.C. No matter where you’re from in the U.S., you can call them at 202-225-3121. Give the operator your zip code and she will connect you.

You will most likely not be put through to your Congress person, but you will be able to leave a message with their staff. If you call in the evening, you will be put through to a voicemail where you can leave a statement. They are required to listen to every voicemail and every message. If a voicemail box is full, call the office the next day and tell the staff that this is unacceptable, because it is.

All you have to say is:

“I reject the Dakota Access Pipeline AND the Keystone XL Pipeline. I do not want them to be built.”

But if you want to say more, you can improvise with these points.

Ask the staff member: How many days has Flint, Michigan gone without clean drinking water? (The answer on Jan. 25 is 1,006 days. Almost 3 years.)

Wait for them to answer. Insist on getting an answer. If you’re really feisty, demand that the Congress person call you back with the answer.

Let them know that Flint, Michigan has gone without clean drinking water for more than 1,000 days because of a pipeline leak. You do not want the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Lands to be the next Flint, Michigan.

Contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The USACE is conducting an environmental impact report for the DAPL. You want to add your voice to that report.

You can call them at 202-761-0099 and say the following:

“Hello, I am _______ (name) and I’m a citizen of _________ (town & state).

I am calling to express my deep reservations about the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The DAPL will compromise Lake Oahu and the Missouri River, and therefore jeopardize the clean drinking water of millions of people, including the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

This pipeline was already rejected in Bismarck because of a threat to Bismarck’s water supply. It must be rejected on Standing Rock’s tribal lands as well.

It is not in our environmental best interest. Please take these considerations into account when compiling your environmental impact report. Thank you.”

You can also send the USACE a pre-written letter through the Stand with Standing Rock website. Do both.

That’s all you have to do. Time estimate: less than 10 minutes.

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