Adventurous Toddler Treks America's National Parks on Her Mama's Back

United States Hiking
by Morgane Croissant Sep 24, 2015

MORGAN BRECHLER, 25, is not your average single parent. She’s a full-time mom, she works for a landscape design company, she’s taking a degree in sustainable agriculture, and she spends every spare moment she’s got outdoor with her three-year-old daughter, Hadlie.

Across US national parks, in Mexico or Hawaii, mother and daughter hike, camp, and even rock climb at every opportunity.

Hadlie has been practising her climbing skills on the pair’s indoor wall since she was 18-month-old and she regularly rock-climbs with her mom in the wilderness.

Born and raised in Arizona; Brechler was an outdoorsy child “[always to] be found barefoot, filthy and ecstatically riding her horses around the barn with nothing but a halter and lead rope [….] Camping, playing in the dirt and traveling were a big part of her childhood.” Now, she wants to pass on her love for nature to her daughter.

“I want Hadlie to appreciate life and I don’t think there’s any better way for her to learn, grow and have gratitude than to be friends with Mother Earth”, she explains to the Daily Mail.

For more on Brechler and Hadlie’s adventures, visit Brechler’s Instagram account.

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