Amazing Video Asks, "What if We Lived the Way We Travel?"

by Matt Hershberger Feb 3, 2015

HAVE YOU EVER TRAVELED to a far off country and, on the return flight home, felt a pit in your stomach at the thought of returning to the grind? It’s a fairly universal feeling among travelers — the coming home blues, the thought that you’re never further away from your next trip than when you cross the threshold of your own home — but it actually doesn’t make any sense.

Why is your home any worse than the places you travel to? Why can’t you view your home through the same eyes as you do when you travel abroad? Why can’t you view your home through the same eyes as people who come to visit your town or country from elsewhere?

Filmmaker Sebastian Linda was wondering the same thing, so he decided to view his homeland of Saxony is eastern Germany through the eyes of a traveler. What he found was a beautiful place that he’d never taken the time to fully explore. There’s no reason you couldn’t do the same.

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