Awesome Infographic Shows Where Life Sucks the Least

by Matador Creators Jun 16, 2015

WE ALL WANT TO SEE THE WORLD AS much as possible, but there are plenty of us who wouldn’t want to live everywhere in the world. The best measure for what life is like from country to country is the Quality of Life index, which combines factors such pollution, safety, healthcare, property price to income ratio, purchasing power, and consumer prices into a single measurement. Movehub, an international moving company, put together this giant comparison of Quality of Life index from country to country around the world.

If you want to get more in-depth, you can visit this site to compare two specific countries on the different measurements.

Courtesy of MoveHub: Quality of Life Around the World

Living Costs World Map

h/t: Serge from Movehub. Follow him on Twitter here.

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