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Do Men Prefer Bacon Over Their Own Children?

by Candice Walsh Dec 17, 2009
Which scents do men prefer to the smell of a newborn baby? According to One Poll, just about everything.

One Poll recently surveyed 4,000 Brits to determine their most preferred scents. Among the top 20 are freshly baked bread, vanilla, fish and chips, bacon frying, a freshly lit match, Petrol, and rubber tires.

Much of our smell preferences may have to do with our earliest impressions, whether they’re good or bad. According to ScienceDaily, we associate certain memories with certain smells, provoking feelings of nostalgia and comfort.

Of course, since we are all individuals, our past experiences help shape how we remember certain events. Happy childhood memories, for example, are associated with pleasant smells.

However, this list varies for the sexes. For men, new-baby smell ranks at number 18, while frying bacon sits at seventh and Petrol is at 12th. Yes, the mouth-watering, sultry smell of pig frying in a pan is more alluring than that adorable, indescribable scent you draw in from the top of a baby’s head.

So what does this mean for men? Are fathers less likely to become attached to their child than mothers? Should men more actively pursue forming a bond with baby?

Men, here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Give a midnight bottle – Be there as soon as baby awakes, taking a heroic stance over the cradle with bottle in hand.

2. Change diapers – That’s one smell that should inspire some strong scent memory.

3. Be there for a cold or fever – Claim the role of fierce protector.

4. Take a bath together – Few things are more fun than bath playtime for two, plus rubber ducky.

5. Be a texture board – Let your baby tug your beard, poke your eyeballs or stick a finger in your nose. There’s lots of terrain to cover.

My solution? A baby powder scented with the flavour of bacon. Just keep your baby out of the sun.


Want more fun? Make your life incredible and amazing with bacon, or share your most treasured scents with us in the comments below.

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