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Brazil's Paralympics Are Kicking Ass, and It's Awesome

Rio de Janeiro News
by Carlo Alcos Sep 14, 2016

It’s so great to see an oft-forgotten event getting a lot of attention, especially considering that the Paralympics in Brazil were almost canned due to insufficient funds. Since the games started on September 7 (and go til Sept 18) Brazilians have been gobbling up event tickets, largely due to lower ticket costs (as low as $6) and a global campaign called #FillTheSeats which called for charities around the world to buy tickets so local children could attend. The result so far is that these are the second most attended Paralympic Games ever, behind the 2012 event in London, with over 1.9 million tickets sold. The International Paralympic Committee also shared that last Sunday over 170,000 people were in attendance across the different venues, more than the Olympics on any given day.

Here are some inspiring Instagrams from the past week.

The #OpeningCeremony has officially started!! Welcome to the Rio 2016 #Paralympics!🎉🎉🎉 Photo: @oisphotos

A photo posted by Paralympics (@paralympics) on

Incredible!!!14 yr old #NtandoMahlangu from SA takes silver at #Paralympics 200m.He only learnt to walk 4 yrs ago 🙌🏽

A photo posted by Mother to 2 Kings| Dr Barbie💋| (@tastynandz) on

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