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Call for Submissions: So, What Did You Do Today?

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by Leigh Shulman Mar 16, 2010
A friend recently sent me a link to Project 365 — a photography community and challenge to take one photo a day for a year. In this way, you improve your photography while simultaneously documenting each day of your life.

So I began documenting my life with photos this past Saturday. Since then, I’ve had some really lovely, relaxing days, but I can’t say anything of huge import and significance happened. We didn’t hike the Incan trials of Peru. There were no death defying adventure treks. The best moment of my weekend involved a little yoga and a really excellent cup of coffee while swinging in the hammock.

But isn’t that what so much of our lives tend to be? We have our highs and lows, but in between, there are what I like to call the ordinary everyday joys.

I’ll Show You A Couple of Mine

I bought this pepper plant at the Salta municipal market about two months ago. Until recently, I’d always lived in apartments and small spaces, so the idea of growing a plant and actually watch it sprout something edible amazes me.

The bushy plant behind the pepper is thyme. I plucked some leaves from it to use in a pinto I made for lunch.

Silly little finger puppet. We had Couchsurfers from Portugal staying with us this weekend. They made these puppets with Lila — my five year old — while I chopped the garlic and thyme. The puppet was a decoration for a birthday present. We went to three, yes, three little girls’ birthday parties this weekend.

Now Show Us Yours

We here at Matador Life want to know more about what happens day-to-day in the lives of our readers and our community, so we’re calling for Matadorians to send in photos and share with us the things — big or small — that are important to you. We’ll post our favorites here on Matador Life.

How To Submit: Choose a photo and email your image to leigh@matadornetwork. Your photo should be at least 1000 pixels at its largest dimension. Tell us a little about the day it was taken. Please use This Is What I Did Today! in your subject line.
Also include: Your Matador ID name and personal website.
Due Date: Ongoing project. Keep ’em coming.


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