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Women Are Stepping Up Around the World

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by C.S. Hunter Feb 23, 2017

Empowering women around the world

Manipur’s first female Muslim candidate is continuing her political involvement, despite a fatwa against her.
A fatwa is a ‘legal opinion handed down by an Islamic religious leader.’ Najima Bibi received one for contesting Manipur’s Assembly elections. Religious leaders have publically announced that she will not receive burial ground after her death and the members of her village are discouraged from speaking to her. Despite all that, Bibi is continuing to run and speak out against her chosen issue, domestic violence. [Your Story]

London named its first female top cop.
Scotland Yard, Britain’s largest and oldest police force, named Cressida Dick as its police commissioner yesterday. She is the first woman to enter into this position in the force’s 188-year history. [NPR]

There are a lot of American women running for political office right now.
Emerge America, an organization that trains Democratic women for political office, estimates that the surge of women currently running campaigns is the largest we’ve seen in at least a quarter-century. Currently, in Congress, just 104 of the 535 seats are held by women. In the Senate, 21 of the 100 seats are held by women. [Iowa Public Radio]

Standing in solidarity

The Native Nations March will take place in D.C. on March 10th.
The Standing Rock Sioux, along with water protectors from around the country are planning the march in an effort to continue their fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would threaten the tribe’s only source of clean drinking water. [Grist]

Today is Flint, Michigan’s 1,034th day without clean drinking water.
On April 25th, 2014 Flint’s water was contaminated by lead and other poisons after cost-cutting measures failed. You can donate water filters or money or show up to volunteer. Here’s how. [Detroit Free Press]

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