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Fake or Not, This GoPro Bear Chase Is Awesomely Terrifying

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by Morgane Croissant Dec 1, 2014

IF YOU’RE LIKE ME, every time you go for a hike, you think of bears. It does not matter how many people tell you that “bears are more scared of you than you are of them” and that “they won’t attack you unless they feel threatened”, you can’t help but think that these big, furry creatures are licking their chops behind some bushes waiting for you to pass by to snack on some tasty wannabe hiker.

So, imagine if you were the guy biking in this video: cycling for your life while a grizzly is not giving up on getting a piece of you for supper… I’d rather not.

Once you realise this video’s a fake, you start laughing (and thinking you should get some video editing software), but before that, all you can think of is: “Holy crap! I’d have a heart attack!”

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