Forget Your Tree: The Best Christmas Decorations Go on Chocolate

by Albie Hartshill Dec 16, 2013

As your family prepares to decorate their Christmas tree, consider an alternative: decorating chocolate instead. Because at the end of the season, you’re going to have to take your tree down, but if you decorate your chocolate you get to eat it at the end of the season.

Here are some of the best Christmas chocolate decorations we’ve been able to find:

1. Rule #1 of Chocolate decoration: Peppermint can go on anything.

Some cookies
Via Sweet Pea’s Kitchen

2. You know what would look good on those chocolate Oreos? White chocolate. And sprinkles.

More cookies
Via WeHeartIt

3. You can also dip your chocolate in liquid chocolate.

Some cookies
Via WhereDidAllTheLoveGo.

4. If you’re tied to the Christmas tree, you can always decorate something tree-shaped.

Cookies on plate
Via The Berry

5. Santa has been known to enjoy chocolate chip cookies sprinkled on top of chocolate donuts.

Some cookies
Via the Doughnut Insider

6. Or you can give him something much more simple.

Chocolate maybe
Via DroppingSnowflake

7. Just rolling chocolate dough in powdered sugar isn’t lazy during Christmas — it’s a simulation of snow.

rolled cookies
Via Temperance and Tantrums

8. Of course, if you want to go the snow route, you can go all out and build a snowman on a chocolate cupcake.

I think it's a cupcake
Via Christmas

9. Sometimes called “muddy buddies” or “puppy chow,” this is an essential Christmas chocolate recipe.

A dessert
Via DreamsAreRealWorlds

10. It’s pretty easy to make reindeer faces out of chocolate.

Cookies on plates
Via JannBam

11. Also, this exists.

A picture of nutella in a hand
Via Counting Stars

12. Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas shouldn’t be left out either.

A red and green cake
Via GastroGirl

13. A good Christmas challenge: See how many layers of chocolate you can fit on top of each other.

A cookie with layers
Via Full Cravings

14. My personal favorite chocolate brand, Christmas style.

Packaged chocolate
Via Foxhe

15. Chocolate can be the decoration, too.

Cookies with chocolate
Via Food I Should Not Eat

16. It can be a very minimal decoration.

A drink in mug
Via WeHeartIt

17. Or a very elegant decoration.

A drink in a mug
Via Keep Smiling

18. Or the outer layer to something else that’s delicious.

Candy canes in chocolate
Via The Berry

19. This has fruit, so you know it’s healthy.

Cake with layers
Via Mrs. Madness

20. Easily the most delicious-looking Santa I’ve ever seen.

Strawberry macro shot
Via All About Anything

21. Don’t worry, it’s not possible to get diabetes from a picture.

A cupcake
Via Half Baked Harvest

22. In order to make something Christmas-y, all you really need to do is put red and green sprinkles on it.

A bowl of chocolates
Via Nom Nom Nom

23. Unless it’s hot chocolate, which just needs marshmallows.

A picture of hot chocolate
Via Shaikha

24. Christmas bark: a Christmas staple.

Some peppermint bark
Via Writes of Passage

25. Or, you know, you can decorate your chocolate and then decorate your tree with it.

Ornament on a tree

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