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Google Launches Hub to Track US Election

by Michelle Schusterman Jan 2, 2012
Earlier today, Google announced on their blog a new election hub for users to keep up with and discuss the latest campaign news.

THE HUB is a constantly updated accumulation of the hoards of stories, videos, and other media coverage of this years’ US presidential election. It’s kind of like using Twitter, but it feels a little more professional. From Google:

The site enables voters, journalists and campaigns to quickly sort through election info by popularity, race or issues. People can also check out the Trends Dashboard to take the web’s real-time political pulse by comparing candidates’ YouTube video views, search traffic and Google News mentions. Campaign staffers, advocates and everyday citizens can utilize our tools and features to reach, engage and inspire voters.

So far I’ve found this to be extremely useful; I particularly like the option to sort by issues like the economy, spending, healthcare, and so on, as well as filtering by news on specific candidates.

What’s missing: 3rd party candidates. Not that I expect them to necessarily list every single party and their hundreds of candidates, but none at all? Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party, Jill Stein and Kent Mesplay for the Green Party – third party candidates already face massive barriers in presidential races, it couldn’t hurt to include stories about them, as well as their trends, in the feed so readers can make a more informed decision.

Besides, admit it – deep down, you want to know what the hell Donald Trump is going to do next.

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