Here's How Locals Insult Each Other in 12 Major Cities Around the World

by Alex Scola Sep 10, 2015

There are more than 6,500 languages spoken around the world today — each developed with the express purpose of facilitating communication between individuals, sharing ideas, capturing emotions or states-of-being and, apparently, insulting one another.

To uncover all of the colorful ways people curse each other around the world, the team at Cut Video sent their video producer Blaine to Berlin, Bangkok, Adelaide, Dubai, Bogotá, Shanghai, Seattle, Paris, Tokyo, Rome, Addis Ababa and New Delhi. In each location, Blaine interviewed locals about what they say when they need to lay a verbal smackdown in their native languages.

Here’s what Blaine discovered:

Frankly, I think we all ought to add “soft egg” into regular rotation.

Got a favorite insult in another language? Sound off in the comments.

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