How to: Create a Peaceful & Positive Home

by Neha Puntambekar Feb 15, 2010
Everyone wants to come home to a place that is radiant with positive energy and happiness. These tips help calm, clean and declutter your living space for a more peaceful and positive environment.
Old School

According to ancient wisdom, your environment reflects your life. Therefore making improvements in one will positively influence the other. This can be done by understanding placement and integrating the five natural elements – fire, wood, water, metal and earth – in your home.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of balanced placement based on the concept that energy — called chi — must be free to flow through the rooms of your home. When energy is blocked it causes strained relationships, bad finances and ailing health. Feng Shui corrects the imbalance.

Simple measures like de-cluttering, enhancing natural light, using natural materials, strategic arrangement of furniture and incorporating influential symbols in the décor infuse a sense of peace and calm in the home.

One of the most most popular Feng Shui pieces is the bamboo shoot. It combines and extends the benefits of the five natural elements, absorbs surrounding negativity and brings the homeowner good fortune. Another favorite is the Buddha.

Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra is a system of architecture based on the ancient Vedic texts. It focuses on designs that channel positive energy from natural elements in the environment to the homeowners.

Vaastu has specific rules regarding construction. These include the order and direction of specific rooms, materials used, direction in which doors and windows open. It also provides remedies in case these changes aren’t possible.

Like Feng Shui, Vaastu is based on the concept of flowing energy. A common rule suggests leaving a slight gap between walls and furniture for a conflict free home.

Zen Interiors

The Zen design ethic draws inspiration from Zen philosophy. It focuses on minimalistic and tranquil designs, allowing homeowners to create a peaceful sanctuary against the chaos at work in the outside world.

Zen puts great emphasis on letting go of all non-essentials that collect in the house. Use soft colors, minimalistic furnishing and make sure that every article in the house draws from one of the five natural elements. In these ways, you help move energy-trapping-clutter out and make way for a long happy life.

The Middle Ground

The old traditions include color therapy as a means to improve peace and calm. Science seems to agree.

Color Therapy

Color influences emotions, and as a result color sensitivity or color imbalance can negatively impact your outlook. Color therapy finds the right colors and figures proportions to reestablish balance.

When making color choices, consider your environment and personality first – bright colors uplift mood; softer colors help control aggression. Be sure to factor in the basic reactions color generates. The color violet as an example, is known to calm the mind. Therefore using it in the bedroom is an effective way of dissolving tensions that cause migraines and sleep disorders.

For the Fiercely Logical

Don’t believe in that stuff? For you, there’s a simpler route.

Clean & Organize

Years of clutter contribute to confusion and chaos. A clean and organized space allows for more focus and a clearer, positive way forward. Do the dishes before bed, make the bed as soon you wake up; get rid of all the extras by donating what you can and recycling the rest. Your home will instantly feel lighter, happier.

Green Up

Adopting green living methods allows for a healthier life.

Many regular household agents, like detergents and air sprays, contain harmful chemicals and toxins. Constant use leads to a build-up of harsh pollutants in your immediate environment, resulting in health disorders. You can avoid this by opting for greener substitutes.

Also consider bringing living plants and fresh flowers into the house. They add color and purify the air in the room. In case of a small bedroom however, it’s best to avoid having large plants. Plants utilize oxygen and give off carbon dioxide at night, this could impact breathing and sleeping patterns.

Be sure to open windows and let natural light flood the house everyday. This simple move drains out musty air and replenishes the home with fresh oxygen, while the streaming sunlight brings in Vitamin D, an important nutrient for healthy living.

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