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If Only All US Cops Had This Sense of Humor About Pot

by Alex Scola Sep 16, 2013

This year, when thousands of Seattle residents flocked to the annual three-day Hempfest festival celebrating a certain popular smoking herb, attendees were met with an unusual sight — members of the Seattle Police Department handing out bags of Doritos labeled with rules and regulations regarding the new legalization for recreational use policy (pictured).

You know, controversy and personal feelings aside, there’s something magical about the idea of law enforcement handing out Doritos chips to the “hungry” (and apparently, the 1,000 or so bags of chips were all distributed in less than 30 minutes).

The SPD’s sense of humor regarding the event goes beyond their volume recommendations for “Dark Side of the Moon,” as after the event they tweeted an image of Kevin Spacey radioing “We are all out of Doritos,” with the text “Alright, @seattlehempfest, thx for the wonderful morning. We’re headed home. Feelin’ kinda Spacey.”

I just wish the cop that caught me jaywalking on a one-way street into my neighborhood last month had had the same sense of humor, and had given me a Snickers instead of a ticket.

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