Infographic: the 10 Craziest Santa Legends From Around the World

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by Matador Creators Dec 16, 2015

BY NOW, YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD OF KRAMPUS, the terrifying goat-demon that serves as Santa’s evil counterpart in Alpine countries. But Krampus isn’t the only crazy character in Santa Claus mythology. While most of the Western World has adopted some form of the Santa Claus legend, there are a lot of variations on who Santa is, who he travels with, and who he uses to punish naughty kids.

Milkwhale, an infographic and design site, put together this breakdown of the craziest Santa legends, from the quirky, to the vaguely racist, to the downright psychotic.

Top 10 Santa Legends (From Around the World)
Courtesy of: Milkwhale

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