Infographic: The World Water Crisis Could Be Really Bad News

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by Matt Hershberger Mar 22, 2016

TODAY IS WORLD WATER DAY, so it’s worth taking a moment to look at just how important this vital ingredient to life is to the world. We tend to take water for granted in the developed world by taking long showers, leaving the water on while we’re brushing our teeth or washing dishes, or by not following the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” flushing rule. But 4 billion people — two-thirds of the world’s population, including some people in the United States — spend at least one month a year with severe water scarcity.

This is a big deal. As the human population grows, more pressure is placed on this most fundamental of all of our resources. We’ve seen a horrible news story already in the United States this year about the city of Flint and it’s lead-poisoned water supply. Now we’re hearing that this is a problem across the United States.

To put how much water we use into perspective, Waterlogic put together this infographic showing how we use our water, and how everyday items like coffee and bluejeans may require huge amounts of water to be made. Check it out.


Infographic by Water Logic

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