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Your Mini Guide to Alabama Slang

by Anna Irving Dec 2, 2016

Alabamans don’t throw it away, we “chunk it.”

We don’t find you unattractive, we say you “got hit with an ugly stick.”

We can’t do that anymore, but we “used to could.”

We don’t just sweat like a normal person, we “sweat like a whore in church.”

We don’t have cravings, we have “hankerin’s.”

We don’t get mad as hell, we get “mad as all get out.”

We don’t tell others to calm down, we tell them to “hold the horns.”

We don’t drive past car accidents and stare out of curiosity, we “rubber neck.”

We don’t call someone stupid, we say “bless your heart.”

We don’t have misbehaving children, we have “heathens.”

We don’t get upset, we “throw a hissy fit,” or we may “pitch a fit.”

We don’t put furniture at a diagonal, we put them “kiddy corner,” or “caddy corner.”

We don’t call our friends, we “holler.”

We don’t get arrogant, we get “too big for our britches.”

We don’t have children, we have “young’uns.”

We don’t get tired, we get “tuckered out,” or “wore slap out.”

We don’t have snobby friends, we have “uppity” friends.

We don’t talk to you all, we talk to “y’all.”

We don’t assume, we “reckon.”

We don’t think something is delicious, we think it’s “slap-yo’-mama-good.”

We wouldn’t tell you it’s over there, we’ll tell you it’s “up yonder,” or “yunder.”

We don’t think your clothes are too revealing, but we do think you look like a “hussy,” or a “floozy.”

We don’t have a lot of money, in fact, we have “diddly-squat.”

We haven’t cooked dinner yet, but we’re “fixin’ to.”

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