This New Site Helps You Book the Nearest Adrenaline Sport on the Fly

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Dec 27, 2016

Whenever my group of friends wants to go to a festival or on an action-packed trip, I’ll always be the first one to jump and suggest some rad event. The mud run in Costa Rica, the Spartan Race in Boston, I’m always unintentionally volunteering myself as the one left with all the planning and research. The problem with that is that I’d rather go do some actual surfing in Bali than be left to surf the web for the best way to organize the whole thing — coordinating flights, booking tickets and double-checking if the event is even legit. It’s even harder to find adventures to go on if you’ve taken the year off to travel in Southeast Asia like I am, and are used to doing everything on the fly.

My friend Oli shares the same love for getting off the beaten path and escaping the typical tourist bubble. While trekking around Latin America, he found it difficult to identify which events and adventures were both different from the generic guidebook recommendations and came with a substantial amount of adrenaline. So Oli founded Rad Season. It’s a free, one-stop search engine that allows you to find adventure-focused events year-round — BMX, motocross, obstacle races, diving, mountain biking, flying, boarding, you name it. Once you find the adventure you’re looking for, you can book the whole thing with just a few clicks and you won’t have wasted hours on the internet researching on multiple sites.

Oli’s travels have made him realize that there’s always some rad festival or adventure tour going on, but before Rad Season there was no single platform that brought all of these like-minded, adventure-seeking people together. Having surfed in over 40 countries, Oli believes that booking adrenaline-pumping activities shouldn’t be that hard, so he made it simple. Rad Season allows you to search by date, location and any type of action and adventure sport in order to not only find the event but the closest accommodation and best way to get there too. Using the website is super easy. Once you pick the sport you want to attend or participate in, you get the exact location on a map, plus a sidebar which lets you book hotels, transportation, and flights without having to scour the web.

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