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It's Not Summer in Dublin if These 30 Things Don't Happen

by Janet Newenham Jul 7, 2016

1. DRINKING CANS AT THE PAV is no longer just a money saving scheme, it’s a way of life.

2. Mary, John and Niamh from across the road spend their days on Twitter complaining about how warm it is.

3. Everyone rushes to St Stephen’s Green at lunchtime to eat their sambos in the sun.

4. There’s a queue outside KC Peaches with everyone trying to be all healthy.

5. There’s at least 200 people outside the barge at even a mention of sunny evening.

6. Every pub in the city has a hilarious sign out the front trying to entice you with puns and sarcasm.

7. Rose Of Tralee mania starts to creep onto our tellies.

8. Bagatelle starts getting air time, and lot’s of it, on every radio station.

9. You can’t walk down Grafton Street without stopping to watch to 45 musicians, some breakdancers and a clown entertain the masses.

10. People are fighting for tickets to watch the Dubs play at Croke Park.

11. Instant BBQs become all the rage in Tesco.

12. People are starting to leave Lidl with more than they bargained for, such as wetsuits and pink screwdrivers.

13. Mad yolks start swinging off all the cities bridges.

14. Portmarnock beach looks like it’s the scene of a rave.

15. Lads starting walking around topless. It’s THAT hot.

16. People start sharing photos of the city with the caption, “Dublin, you’re looking well.”

17. The queue at Teddy’s in Dun Laoghaire is getting longer by the day.

18. It has become socially acceptable to go to the pub every evening, especially if you plan to sit in the beer garden.

19. The forty foot is no longer just for those crazy all-season swimmers.

20. The paper of record has a photo of young one’s ‘enjoying the sun’ on the front page.

21. The Howth Cliff Walk has become impassable due to large groups of American tourists and European language students on a cheap day out.

22. People remember the Iveagh Gardens exists yet again and spend their Sunday’s strolling around the hidden gem.

23. Everyone who’s anyone congregates outside Grogans on Fitzwilliam street for the best pint and toastie to be head South of the Liffey.

24. The comfy sofas outside Pygmalion will always be occupied. Always.

25. Penney’s starts to stock up on fake tan.

26. Tickets go on sale for Longitude, and Dubliners feel blessed that they can go mental at a festival and sleep in their own beds on the same night.

27. Every resident north of the city starts running around Phoenix Park at weekends.

28. The streets becomes awash with colour as Pride takes over the city.

29. Everyone is complaining about the weather, be it too hot or too cold.

30. Baggott Street is like Tinder in real life on a Thursday evening.

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