This Is What We Do to the Oceans Every Day

by Morgane Croissant May 5, 2016

At least 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are currently in the oceans and about 8 million more tons of plastic are added to them every year.

This massive plastic pollution of our oceans is responsible for the deaths of millions of marine animals each year and represents a serious danger to human life by releasing toxic chemicals that enter our food chain.

Sea Shepherd Global and Shanghai-based creative agency, Fred & Farid, worked together to show the extent of the plastic pollution in our oceans by filling a Paris public pool with trash and capturing the reactions of swimmers.

“Faced with the option of swimming in a pool full of plastic pollution, most people would choose not to enter the water. However, this is not an option extended to the many marine creatures who are forced to live in this kind of pollution everyday,” said Sea Shepherd Global CEO, Captain Alex Cornelissen.

“We hope that this video inspires discussion and public debate about the global problem of plastic pollution. Pressure must be placed on governments and corporations to introduce policy changes to stem the tide of this on-going disaster, and to shift their focus to more environmentally sustainable businesses practices, globally,” he concluded.

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