An Open Letter to Parents Who Support Our Travels

by Taylor Lorenz Feb 20, 2016

This is an open letter to all the parents who stand behind their children’s passion for travel.

This is for the parents who understand how happy travel makes their children, and because of that are watching their children follow their dreams.

This is for the parents who will never question the country that their child wants to go to, but waits patiently at home to hear of the adventures that they are having abroad.

To the parents who understand that there is no education greater than the lessons one can learn while traveling.

You understand that we may be gone for long periods of time, but in the end we will always be back, though it may be brief, we will always be back.

And we, the children who travel, want to say thank you.

We want to thank you for understanding, we want to thank you for your support, for you are our strongest supporters.

We thank you for voicing your concerns, but still trusting us to make the right decisions when we’re away. You trust us, and that makes us have even more confidence.

We want to say sorry for missing holidays, birthdays, and important events. And to tell you that we think of you everyday whether you know it or not.

We want to tell you that we do miss home, and crave it’s comforts more often than we’d like to admit, but that our desire to see what the world has to offer is stronger than our want for the familiar.

You understand that we work hard for our money and that all we want to do is spend it on another plane ticket.

You understand that travel is what makes us happiest. And because of this you don’t question why we leave or how often.

You listen to us cry when something goes wrong, or listen to the daring adventures that we have to share.

You don’t ask anything of us, other than to continue what makes us happiest and to keep in contact when we can.

Knowing that we have your support does make traveling easier. And your support means the world to us.

We thank you for being there, even when we’re across the world, and we want you to know that we travel to make the world a better place. We travel to make ourselves better, stronger, more independent individuals. We travel to learn, we travel to grow, and we travel to live, because travel is a way of life.

So thank you. Thank you for being our rock, our home, our best supporters, listeners, and parents. For having you okay with our crazy lifestyle makes you the best parents in the world.

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