10 Pets of Instagram Who Are Better Travelers Than You

by Morgane Croissant Nov 12, 2015

What if the best traveling companions were your pets? Their chatters don’t bother you, they’re not picky when it comes to sleeping arrangements, they follow you anywhere, and they provide support when needed. Not entirely convinced yet? Check out ten pets who are great company to their well-traveled owners.

1. Loki the wolfdog

Loki and his human, Kelly Lund, started backcountry skiing together when Loki was 4-month-old and before he turned 3, the wolfdog had seen most of the western US.

Loki and Kelly hope to inspire others to get out in nature, explore the world, and make memories with their dogs.

2. Momo

Momo is a border collie who likes traveling in his human’s VW van and play hide and seek. Momo has traveled across the US with Andrew and is the hero of two books. You can follow his adventures on Facebook.

3. Aspen the mountain pup

Aspen is a 4-year-old Golden Retriever living in Colorado with Hunter and Sarah. Aspen likes exploring the great outdoors, whatever the season!

4. Maddie the coonhound

Maddie and Theron love to go on road trips, motorcycle rides, and camping adventures together.

5. Diesel

Diesel and Sam live in the Pacific Northwest where they spend a great deal of their time enjoying the outdoors.

Une photo publiée par Sammy Davis (@sam__davis) le

6. Nero

Nero is one hell of a traveling companion. He’s followed Joshua on a 2800-mile bike trip around the UK; from March through July 2015, the duo biked to the south of Portugal by way of France and Spain; And they are currently on a 1,777-mile stand-up paddle board trip down The Danube.

Follow the pair on Facebook to know what they are up to.

Une photo publiée par Nero & Me (@neroandme) le

7. Burma and puppi

Stephen Simmons is a war veteran who is fighting PTSD by practising “adventure therapy” — healing by hiking one’s way out of stress and anxiety.

But Stephen is not alone on his outdoor explorations. In 2004, on a mountaintop, he found Puppi, the dog who always accompanies him on his hikes. Later on he adopted Burma, the cat who now joins them on their adventures in the wilderness.

For more about Stephen, Puppi, and Burma’s adventures, follow them Facebook.

Une photo publiée par s (@burmaadventurecat) le

Une photo publiée par s (@burmaadventurecat) le

8. Akiak

28-year-old Henrik Viske left his steady job to pursue his dream: exploring the natural wonders of his home country, Norway, with Akiak, his much-loved husky.

9. Max & Louise

Max and Louise are Parson Russell Terriers from Lisbon who travel in style around Europe. When they’re not busy checking out historical monuments, they enjoying chilling on the beach.

10. Miami

Miami is a pocket-size dog from Italy who travels the world one tiny step at a time (although he also likes being carried).

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