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How to Piss Off Someone From the Dominican Republic

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by Rebecca Scott Oct 3, 2015

Ignore someone you know while perusing goods at the Jumbo store.

You went to St. George[CB1] with that guy and you’re not going to say hello and laugh about how much hair he’s lost since?

Think it’s necessary to add your car to the ‘27 de Febrero’ during rush hour traffic.

You can get those plàtanos delivered from the colmado, you know.

Take a shower or jump in the pool after eating.

There you are, about to jump in the shower after lunch so you can meet your friends down at the Zona Colonial, and your grandmother absolutely loses her mind. She is going to sit on you if you even think of getting in that shower. You have to wait an hour, you know that!

Talk trash about someone’s family.

If you dare even hint that my cousin can’t cook, fair warning: you will not be coming over again anytime soon.

Disagree vehemently about the Pope or Danilo Medina

You know heated conversations about Catholicism or the Pope will happen only if you bring these topics up, but conversations about Danilo, Moreno, Abinader or Dominguez-Trujillo[CB3] , or even Balaguer will always come up. Stay neutral.

Refer to the Dominican Republic as an American territory, you know, like Puerto Rico.

‘Dios, Patria y Libertad’, remember?

Act offended when people are late meeting you for pina coladas or are coming over for a chivo dinner.

Dominican time is a thing. Relax.

Ask if we’re Puerto Rican.

No we don’t have any issues with Puerto Ricans. We’re just extremely proud of our people.

Ask for decaf.

If you’re drinking un cafecito or a café con leche, the last thing you are trying to do is sleep. So what’s up with this very un-Dominican decaf you speak of?

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