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15 Sights Only Someone From Rhode Island Would Recognize

by Hillary Federico Feb 16, 2016

1. The Big Blue Bug enjoying an Awful Awful.

A photo posted by Kathy Matheson (@katmath13) on

2. Memorial Day.

3. Stocking up on milk and bread at Cumbies before a Nor’easter.

4. Tony Lepore aka the dancing cop making the afternoon commute a little more entertaining.

A video posted by Jennifer Quattrucci 🌹 (@mommyteacherfashionista) on

6. That time when a Del’s and a ‘Gansett had a baby.

A photo posted by Charles Salliby (@salieb1969) on

7. This section of the grocery store.

A photo posted by onlyinri (@onlyinrhodeisland) on

8. Where we spend our mornings.

A photo posted by Brigit Kelly (@bkchica52) on

9. This sign.

A photo posted by @rickmail on

10. People who take their seafood this seriously.

A photo posted by Rhode Island (@fyeahri) on

11. This freakishly beautiful couple who seem to find Rhode Island’s most iconic places and pose in front of them.

A photo posted by Kiel James Patrick (@kjp) on

11. When hoards of sun tanned, Lacoste-wearing prepsters descended on Newport for the Volvo Ocean Race.

A photo posted by Tripp Burman (@phototripp) on

12. Receiving the most anticipated issue of Rhode Island magazine has us like.

13. Driving on the Pell bridge when it looks a little something like this.

A photo posted by Diana💖Correia (@acro_angel) on

14. When the first snowflake of the year falls and the news stations and school systems react like this.

A photo posted by Rhode Island (@rhody_401) on

15. When everyone all over the world banded together to make one little Rhode Island boy’s dream of becoming famous a reality.

16. A giant pink cupcake with wheels driving along I-95.

A photo posted by A.j. Silva (@r_tude) on

17. What true dedication looks like when you live in the Ocean State.

A photo posted by Marie Swain (@budtender41) on

18. When even the traffic announcements on I-95 start to sound like Peter Griffin.

19. When Buddy Cianci runs for mayor (again).

A photo posted by casey (@casedollarsign) on

20. When one of RI’s most famous residents announced her arrival.

21.A super chill verandah selfie at the Ocean House.

Featured image by Kiel James Patrick.

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