AIRBNB IS at it again, but this time, you’ll get the opportunity to stay at a place that is not only unconventional, but also pretty darn amazing.

As part of its initiative “A night at”, Airbnb is offering you (and your 3 guests) the chance to spend one night in a cable car equipped like a hotel room (with 2 beds, but without a bathroom) and filled with delicious food and wine.

You’ll arrive on snowmobiles and spend the evening 9,000 feet up in the air. Dinner will be served in the gondola suspended above the highest point in Courchevel, La Saulire, and the cable car will reach the station above the resort when everyone will be ready to go to bed. In the morning, after breakfast, the guests will be the first to hit Courchevel’s slopes.

Does it sound too good to miss out on? Participation is easy, you must explain (before February 25th) in 100 words why you’d like to feast and stay above La Saulire on March 6th, 2015. I can’t think of any reason why anybody wouldn’t!